Please note: Fundraising will be required by each athlete, details will be in the "Fundraising" tab. If you do not participate in the team fundraisers, you will be required to pay an additional $75 per family beginning this Outdoor season payable June 1st or your athlete(s) will not be allowed to participate in PVA Championships.


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Our next Fundraiser will start May 1st and end May 22nd with World's Finest Chocolate.  Each athlete will be required to sell one $60 box of chocolate.  Pickup will be held at practice on Monday, April 30th.


Thank you to Wegman's for their kind donation!! We appreciate it so very much. 
Also, thanks to Portera Rehabilitation for their kind donation as well!

More information to come but we anticipate doing fundraisers with the following companies:
(5K Walk/Run - Date TBD)