April 13, 2018


We've had a really great full 2nd week of practice and we've seen a lot of energy and potential on the track. While we're doing our best to match athletes with appropriate events, as a reminder, the final say is with the coaches. Events can change over the course of the season based on skill, we ask parents to be patient with the process.

House of Speed's next fundraiser will be World's Finest Chocolate. Each FAMILY will be required to sell one box! Pickup will be held at practice on Monday, April 30th. All money from the fundraiser will be due Monday, May 21st.

Our first meet is coming up really soon (5/5 @ Oxon Hill HS for the Marlboro Invitational). Please fill out the attendance survey by C.O.B. Friday, April 27th


We are working on uniform orders, if you haven't gotten your athlete's nickname to me, if you could get that to me by the end of today that'd be great. The warmups will likely be here prior to the first meet. The compressions take a bit longer because they are custom. If you don't have them by the first meet no worries, basic black without logos or other colors will be just fine.

Lastly, if you haven't registered you have until next Friday to do so. We have just about reached our max capacity on the team so once I shut down registration that will be it for the season. For new athletes only, make sure I have either birth certificate or passport by next Friday (electronic please, encrypted ok) as well as your USATF #. Athletes without these will not be able to participate in any meet until I have them. Former BBGC athletes will need to make sure to email Herb Nicholls so their team affiliation can be changed to House of Speed: hnich17650@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!

Coach Asia