February 10, 2019

Motivation and Commitment


Talk to your athletes about the importance of being motivated in practice and being committed to attaining their goals on the track. February is such a quirky point in the Indoor season where it's winding down but we're gearing up for the last few meets of the season. We face the challenge of not being able to practice more than twice a week and when we are together the weather typically isn't on our side. Nonetheless, as coaches, we are ALL committed to improving our athletes on this team whenever and however we can. None of us would do it if we didn't feel that there was real potential in each and every athlete we have. The success of this team rests on all of us being equally committed to progressing and achieving our goals collectively. Remind your athletes that the pain of not achieving their personal goals on the track is far greater than the short push and pain of practice.

Deets on next weekend will be posted later on.

Coach Asia