Parent Conduct

Reminder as of 1/1/19

It's important that we are all able to communicate with each other and provide the best experience for our athletes.  Below is a guide for parents: 

Understand that by joining HOUSE OF SPEED, you have joined a Track TEAM.  Although volunteers, the coaches are committed to the best practices that benefit the team as a whole.  ALL decisions regarding your athlete’s practices/workouts and events will be made by the coaching staff.  Feel free to ask or discuss with the coaches, any questions or concerns that you may have.

House of Speed is a competitive club and all athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and track meets, on time, unless notification of absences are communicated to the Head Coach or any of the other coaches. 

As a parent on this team, you will agree to allow the COACHES TO COACH. You may make suggestions but understand and agree that the coaches will make the final determination of the practices/workouts and events that are best for your athlete to compete in.  Your athlete may be selected to participate on a Relay Team which may require remaining throughout the duration of the meet including when the meet is running behind.  

Failure to apply by these requirements could result in your athlete not being able to continue participation with House of Speed.