Parent Mtg Notes

Parent/Interest Meeting 3/22/18

  • Review of Indoor Success  
    • PVA
    • Hershey
  • Outdoor Schedule
    • Practice Schedule
    • Alternate Field Event Schedule
    • Registration – Deadline to register is April 8th
    • Team Affiliation (for former BBGC athletes)
    • Outdoor Schedule/Meets
      • New meet(s) – DMV Invitational and Youth International Championships
      • Youth Outdoor Championships, Rochester NY – Optional meet for those that do not qualify past PVA Championships.  Not a team meet.
    • Regionals and Nationals locations and hotel info
    • PVA Championship volunteers needed, at least four
  • Fundraisers
    • Possible fundraisers include MOD Pizza, Bracelets, Chocolate Bars, Fun Walk/Run @ Bowie Town Center
    • NEW: If no participation in fundraisers, families will be assessed a $75 fee due June 1st.  If fee is not paid, athlete will not be allowed to participate in PVA Championships.  We must have full team participation in all fundraisers!!
  • Uniforms
    • A 4-5 week turnaround for uniforms, “fittings” will be the first day of practice
  • Participation Fees
    • New:  Fee structure was changed to accommodate siblings, returning athlete’s fees are lower.
  • Coaches
    • How many we have, what events we have and who does what
    • Parents that would like to help/coach, contact Asia