Hurdle Clinic

House of Speed is pleased to announced our first ever Hurdles Clinic!  It's open to all of our athletes (10 and up) plus athletes from neighboring teams.  A huge thank you to Coach Nick for running the clinic.  Whether you're a new to hurdles athlete or experienced looking to sharpen those skills this clinic will be able to address each skill level.  

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The clinic will take place Sunday, November 4th at Sports and Learning from 10am to 1pm.  


Cost for non House of Speed athletes is $50/athlete

Athlete's Name:
Athlete's Age:



What to bring: Workout clothes, extra workout clothes, training shoes, racing spikes, snacks, and a good attitude. Notebook and pen/pencil for notes during teaching a sessions.



10:00  -  10:15                Introductions
10:15  -  10:45                Active Warm Up
10:45  -  11:00                Assessment        
11:00  -  12:00                Starts and Drills

12:00  -  12:45                Workout and Run Throughs           
12:45  -  1:00                  Cool Down and Stretching