1/27/19 Meet #3

See below for this weekend's schedule of events.  FYI, if there is a star beside your athlete's name, it's because I have them in an event that may coincide with another.  We will have to monitor the timing and assign accordingly.  Also, there are a couple who have four events on purpose that are not in the 13-14 age group.  Remember we use these meets as practice!

  55m 55mH 16Km 400m 4x200 800m 200m 3Km LJ HJ Shot
Caiden x     x     x        
Justin x     x     x        
Khloe x     x     x        
Travis H x     x     x        
Bryan L x                   x
Bryce  x     x     x        
Ethan (4) x     x*     x   x    
Kennedy x                   x
McKenzie       x   x (practice) x        
Travis M* (4) x     x     x   x*    
Jazmyn  x     x     x   x*    

Bryan S

x     x*             x
Chiamaka x     x     x     x  
Cleo x x   x     x        
Dakota x x   x     x        
Giselle x     x     x   x    
Jake (is this what I wrote?)     x     x       x  
Kacey  x     x     x   x    
Mackynzi x     x   x (practice)  x        
Omar x     x     x   x